Operation: LateNiteRxse

Mission Year: 2017 


Mission Team:

Creative Direction: BLDY RXSE

Codename: LateNiteRxse was a capsule created by the renegades to release new sonix. The current methods of releasing singles at the time were inefficient. We knew we wanted to create an event around releasing the first body of singles the whole team would be putting out. Hence, the birth of this project. 

The design process allowed for a natural evolution of the original ideas. The inspiriations evolved and the designs took on their own unique aesthetic due to the dynamic range of tools that were used to realize each cover art design. 


cover layoutcover layout

Animated cover assets made for social media distribution. These videos were paired with snippets of the music.

Web portal designed for daily consumption of new sonix

Landing Page@2xLanding Page@2x

Credits full

Creative Direction: BLDY RXSE

Art Director: Zahir Ramos

Design: Zahir Ramos, Kwabena Boachie

Animation: Zahir Ramos, Kwabena Boachie

Web Development: Aziz Ramos

Web Design: Zahir Ramos

Audio Mix Engineering: Andrew Boateng